Pine Creek

Perhaps the most famous fishery in this county is Pine Creek, part of which flows through the beautiful Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Known for its excellent fly hatches, abundant trout, and breath-taking scenery, Pine Creek ranks as a top destination for anglers. Upper Pine Creek is heavily stocked by both the PFBC and local clubs.


Though most of this area is under normal regulation, there is a 1 mile stretch of Delayed Harvest Arftificial Lures Only regulated stream. (PFBC- “Pine Creek – 1 mile; from Darling Run to a point 150 meters downstream of the confluence with Owassee Slide Hollow”).
Pine Creek flows east from Potter county to the confluence of Marsh Creek in Ansonia. From there it flows south, eventually dumping into the Susquehanna River. Though, its most noted for trout, Pine Creek also offers an excellent smallmouth bass fishing and a variety of panfish.

Pine Creek Rail Trail Map-