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It's been a great few days of fishing around the county.  Anglers are doing well on most of the area lakes and streams. 


Pine Creek is fishing VERY well.  Bait fishermen are doing best with waxworms or butterworms.  Yellow, Brown, Black, and silver roostertails were popular too.  Fly fishermen have been greeted with strong hatches every evening.  Brown Drakes, Green Drakes, Sulphurs, BWOs, Caddis, and more have been providing good action.  Afternoon/early evening, the March Brown hatches have been good.  Anglers found lots of rising trout in many areas from the DHALO west to Gaines/Rexford area.  So long as we don't get much rain, this action should continue through the week.  water temps and levels are great right now.


5/24/17 Crappies? Good trout fishing. Memorial Day weekend

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5/24/17 It has been a strange year.  Crappies still haven't made a full on run yet and fishing continues to be tough.  We see sporadic times of great fishing, mixed with hours of slowness.  Many of the fish that are being caught still have tight eggs, meaning they aren't ready to move in at Hammond/Tioga.  In small pockets of warmer water, anglers have done ok, finding a few fish spawning, but most of the week, anglers have been finding most fish out deeper.  We keep saying 'any day now' and it seems every time the fish start to cooperate, the weather takes a turn.  On the plus side, most noted that despite catching fewer crappies, they have been mostly big ones in the 10-14 inch range.  Even a few 16" were reported!  Expect mixed results with the crappies.  Perch and bluegills have been more cooperative on all the lakes.

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As you might expect, the majority of anglers have been out trout fishing this past week and opening weekend started on a high note.  Trout fishing has been great on most of the area lakes and streams.  Hamilton and Stony Fork were both restocked yesterday too.  Popular baits this week have been Corn Yellow powerbait, wax worms, butterworms, live minnows, mealworms,  and natural or shrimp salmon eggs.  Joe's flies spinners, roostertails, Kastmasters, and Phoebes have all been popular too! 


Fly fishermen have enjoyed great hatches the last few days of Hendricksons, Blue Quills, Guill Gordons, and caddis.  Mornings have been slow, but by afternoon the fish are feeding well and active on the surface! Water levels were great for fishing all week so far.