12/20/16 Fishable Ice before Christmas! Tioga County Ice Fishing Report

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We stopped at Hills Creek this morning and found the lake in good shape with a little over 4" of ice. Single digit temps these last few nights have helped make good ice. Fortunately there is almost no snow out there either. We spudded our way out from the stumps end to past the first point. Be aware the ice is likely thinner in other spots!!! We are still making ice now, but with the weather being a little crazy these past few weeks, there is certainly spots that are thin! Make sure you check conditions yourself as you venture out. If you dont feel safe, go home and come back another day, we should start seeing better conditions in the new year. Fishing wise, anglers reported catching nice perch and bluegills mostly on waxworms.

Reports from customers indicate most of the lakes are capped with ice. No reports on anyone fishing anything but Hills and some farm ponds, but if we can get a few more days below freezing, they will be on Beechwood and Hamilton for sure, and the Corps lakes soon after. Reports from customers today had ice around 2" on Hammond, but the lake is completely locked up.

We did stop at Beechwood and found about 4" about 15 feet off the boat launch. This, and the far back cove, are the only spots that had ice last week. Likely, much of the lake is still much thinner. We were cramped for time, so I didn't get a chance to venture farther.

Some cold weather would be a big help. let's hope the forecast changes a little in our favor here soon!

Good luck, be safe, and have a great day!