12/27/16 Hills Creek fishable after warmup. Hamilton Lake unfishable. Tioga County Ice Fishing Update.

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12/27/16 Hills creek remains in good shape even with the warmer weather. We found about 5" off the Pines launch and a few people were fishing the other end. The top layer is not great ice, but below it, is better quality ice. There will certainly be spots of thinner ice! Be careful and check conditions for yourself before venturing out anywhere.

The warm weather was much harder on Hamilton. Debris was on top of the ice near the boat ramp and the ice looked to be in bad shape. We checked by the upper parking lot by the hill and found poor quality ice there too.

One whack or so and we were breaking through 1-2 inches of junk ice. On the plus side, the lake is still capped and when the next cold spell comes through itll start makng ice again. Hopefully we'll be out here soon in the new year. It is not ready to fish yet though.

The Corps lakes remain unfishable. No reports from Beechwood today.

Good luck and be safe out there