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4/10 Mentored Youth Trout Day was a great success in Tioga County!  Beautiful weather brought out many young anglers and families.  Hamilton, Beechwood, and Asaph were all popular spots and kid's had a great time catching trout on powerbait, wax worms, butter worms, and salmon eggs.

Great job kids!  


Trout season opens this Saturday, April 15th

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More rain, and snow today, has left us with tough conditions going into the weekend.  Area streams are high and muddy.  Tomorrow is Youth Mentored Trout Day and the weather is supposed to be beautiful.  Get out and enjoy it with the kids!  Smaller streams and the lakes are likely your best chances of catching some trout. 

2/25/17 Lakes melting.  Ice mostly gone. Tioga County Fishing report

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The lakes are thawing out fast with this warm weather.  Warm rain today should take care of most of what is left.  Anglers are fishing some of the open water on Hamilton and Beechwood and doing well with trout.  Powerbait, wax worms, and minnows are all working.  Keep in mind that trout can only be harvested till the end of the month.  Hamilton, Beechwood,

2/10/17 Hills Creek, Beechwood, and Hamilton Lake all fishable again.  Tioga County ice fishing update.

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2/10/17 Cold weather has helped tighten the lakes back up for the weekend.   Anglers were out on Hamilton, Hills Creek, and Beechwood Lakes today.  Unfortunately, the warm up damaged Hammond too much, and the lake will remain unfishable.  The same is true for most of Tioga and Cowanesque, but anglers did find a few spots with fishable ice.  Keep in mind, these lakes freeze and thaw differently and areas like the west end of Cowanesque have opened up and refroze a number of times this winter.  Wherever you go, use a spud bar and check the ice constantly as you venture out!


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