1/2/17 Tioga County Ice Fishing Report

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1/2/17  Tioga County Ice Fishing Report


Hills Creek Lake-

It was a busy weekend at Hills Creek Lake with a number of anglers fishing all over the lake.  The ice is in good shape with 5-6 inches and a little snow on top.  Anglers found a decent bite, though the best action was very early in the day at daybreak.  After 10AM the bites slowed, but it picked up again later in the afternoon.  Some noted a mid afternoon flurry of activity, while others saw more action closer to dark.  Mostly bluegills and perch are being caught.  Pink, silver, gold, chartruese, and yellow jigs tipped with waxworms were the most productive.  Anglers fishing tipups caught nice bass, pickerel, and the occasional big perch on both fatheads and medium-large shiners.  

Beechwood Lake-

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12/27/16 Hills creek remains in good shape even with the warmer weather. We found about 5" off the Pines launch and a few people were fishing the other end. The top layer is not great ice, but below it, is better quality ice. There will certainly be spots of thinner ice! Be careful and check conditions for yourself before venturing out anywhere.

The warm weather was much harder on Hamilton. Debris was on top of the ice near the boat ramp and the ice looked to be in bad shape. We checked by the upper parking lot by the hill and found poor quality ice there too.

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We stopped at Hills Creek this morning and found the lake in good shape with a little over 4" of ice. Single digit temps these last few nights have helped make good ice. Fortunately there is almost no snow out there either. We spudded our way out from the stumps end to past the first point. Be aware the ice is likely thinner in other spots!!! We are still making ice now, but with the weather being a little crazy these past few weeks, there is certainly spots that are thin! Make sure you check conditions yourself as you venture out. If you dont feel safe, go home and come back another day, we should start seeing better conditions in the new year. Fishing wise, anglers reported catching nice perch and bluegills mostly on waxworms.

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We stopped up at Beechwood just in time to see the PFBC stocking some trout! Unfortunately this small patch of ice was about all that was on the lake. The coves and backside had thin ice, but wind is keeping the rest open. Looked like a few nice ones were stocked though!
Same story at Hamilton. Much of the lake remains wide open. Again, we will update conditions Friday sometime. Check back!

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Hills Creek ice update. Lake is capped with an inch or so of soft ice. We could be fishing this weekend if the current forecast holds true and we do not get a lot of snow. If not this weekend, we will be on soon after. We will update again Friday.  Beechwood and Hamilton are both nearly wide open and I do not expect them to be fishable this weekend.